" Elite Tool & Gauge has been a great addition for QIT. We now are able to use both inspection and manufacturing services at one location. Getting our parts gauged durring trial runs while at the same time using them to create our in-line production gauging simutaniously."

B. Milne
Production Engineer


In order to meet the ever increasing needs for Gauges and Fixtures to improve quality in today's manufacturing marketplace, Elite Tool & Gauge is a high quality manufacturer of Checking / Attribute Gauges and Fixtures.

Using CAD technology to design its gauges and fixtures, Elite Tool & Gauge maintains integrity with the part designs; ensuring customer's requirements are always met. These gauges are used for dimensional checking of stampings, plastic parts, machined parts, tubular parts, castings & forgings and more. Our Gauges and Fixtures are designed and manufactured to meet part drawing requirements and Customer's design standards.

Below are some highlights of our Gauges and Fixtures:

  • CAD design of all Highest Quality Gauges and Fixtures
  • Attribute / Checking Gauges
  • Holding Fixtures
  • CMM Holding Fixtures
  • Machine Tool Holding Fixtures
  • Hand Gauges
  • All Gauges and Fixtures are Black Anodized for increased durability, Gauge
  • R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility) available
  • All Gauges and Fixtures are certified under ISO/IEC 17025 by QIT
  • All Elite Tool & Gauge staff has many years experience in industry as well as
  • tool design and manufacture.

we serve:

-Die Casting
-Digital Media
-Mould Makers
-Pattern Makers
-Tool and Die
-Precision Machining
-Gauge and Fixture

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