"Our dial indicators were having problems with repeatability on the shop floor. Not only did QIT repair them them like new... they also showed us how to prevent the problem from happening again."

B. Toes
QC Inspector

Gauge Repair:

Quite often it's the calibration of your measuring equipment that highlights the need for repair, so it only makes sense that your source for calibration can also repair your measuring equipment. Whether it's a minor adjustment or a major repair, it's usually less expensive to repair than to replace. Here are some common reasons for repair:

Tool no longer repeats measurements.
Tool has been dropped.
Tool has become jammed or siezed.
Too much play.
Tool does not operate smoothly.
Suspect of inaccurate readings.
Missing parts
Digital display returning error messages or nothing at all

we repair:

-Height Gauges
-Dial Indicators
-and more..

we serve:

-Die Casting
-Digital Media
-Mould Makers
-Pattern Makers
-Tool and Die
-Precision Machining
-Gauge and Fixture

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