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"Working with QIT & Elite was a one stop shop for all our QC process needs. We were able to get our inspection, programing, holding fixtures and certification done between the two. Their team work was seamless."

N. Rimar
Process Engineer

Portable CMM

QIT is now able to come to you ! With our Faro portable CMM arm, we can come to your facility and save you time and money ! Here's what Faro has to say about the portable arm;

"The Faro Arm is a portable, multi-axis measurement arm (portable CMM) that has the flexibility to take measurements where you need it. Designed for the shop-floor environment, the Faro Arm is constructed with the highest quality aircraft aluminum, aiding in temperature compensation as well as durability. It can be mounted in a large variety of ways, from sliding rails, rolling stands, to actually on the parts or tooling."

"As a portable measurement tool, the Faro Arm can be easily set up, where needed, regardless of the environment. Patented internal temperature compensation corrects for environmental temperature changes to eliminate performance problems typically found in traditional measurement devices when used in uncontrolled environments".

Here are some scenarios in which the arm can help:

-Large components which are too large for conventional CMM's.
-Component is too large for transport (or transport is too expensive).
-Measuring the component while still on the machine would save a tear-down and set-up.
-Digitizing any size mold for reverse engineering on location.
-Centre punch attachment can strike points within 0.002" location.

Components which are larger than the arm's measuring envelope are no problem using a function called "Leapfrog". Three reference points are measured prior to moving the arm and again once the arm has been re-positioned, doubling the original 8' measuring range. This can been done as many times as necessary to completely measure the component.

Using Faro's CAM2 Measure software, we have the flexibility to inspect your component back to drawing specifications or directly to CAD data.

we serve:

-Die Casting
-Digital Media
-Mould Makers
-Pattern Makers
-Tool and Die
-Precision Machining
-Gauge and Fixture

Quality Inspection Technologies

6537 Kister Rd.
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2G 0B8
Phone: 905-354-9507
Fax: 905-357-2097

" If it was not for QIT we would never have gotten a duplicate housing made in time. By using the Faro Arm we did not need to remove the feature from the unit we were currently using in production. This saved us days of downtime production."

E. Hildebrandt
Tool Management

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