"Working with QIT & Elite was a one stop shop for all our QC process needs. We were able to get our inspection, programing, holding fixtures and certification done between the two. Their team work was seamless."

N. Rimar
Process Engineer

Gauge Calibration:

To meet the requirements of ISO/QS9000, suppliers must control all measuring and test equipment that affects product quality. This can become very costly and time consuming to carry out in-house, quite often it's impossible. Let us handle it for you. QIT's combination of Professional Service, Fast Turnaround, Reasonable Prices and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation make your job easier! All calibrations include:

Test results "as calibrated"
(equipment is tested at set points throughout it's entire range)

Calibration certificate

Calibration sticker indicating (Gauge ID, Date Calibrated, Date Due and Calibrated By)

we serve:

-Die Casting
-Digital Media
-Mould Makers
-Pattern Makers
-Tool and Die
-Precision Machining
-Gauge and Fixture

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