"Working with QIT & Elite was a one stop shop for all our QC process needs. We were able to get our inspection, programing, holding fixtures and certification done between the two. Their team work was seamless."

N. Rimar
Process Engineer

In order to meet the ever increasing needs of today's manufacturing marketplace, Quality Inspection Technologies (QIT) recently added to it's CMM inspection and programming capabilities, by acquiring a Zeiss Prismo Navigator CMM, with a Vast Gold Head. This CMM was also supplied with the CALYPSO programming software, a 'leading edge' CMM programming software solution that is tailored for the Zeiss Prismo Navigator CMM.

The Zeiss Prismo Navigator CMM provides for a number of significant advantages over other CMM's.

  • Continuous Scanning- This provides for the scanning of part features using numerous points, often thousands of points. This method of inspection provides greater accuracy over 'point to point' inspection, by determining the entire profile provided by the thousands of points scanned.
  • VAST Gold Head- VAST navigator uses a combination of software, controller and sensor enhancements to enable significantly faster scanning times while maintaining optimum accuracy. This third generation of scanning technology has been proven to offer significant productivity improvements, typically in the 30-40% range.
  • Accuracy / Repeatability- The Zeiss Prismo Navigator has an accuracy of .6 Micron and a repeatability of .3 Micron

PRISMO is number one in the world for high-speed scanning in production. Accuracy, speed and outstanding resistance to ambient conditions are the trademarks of this measuring, machine. The VAST® universal probe for multi-point or single-point measuring is used on PRISMO navigator and adjusts to each measuring task and quickly determines size, form and position in a single measuring run.

PRISMO navigator offers an extremely rigid, laterally driven light bridge, table covers as well as fully enclosed X axis and Y drive axis, glass ceramic scales, passive elastomer vibration damping, and S-CAA and D-CAA to compensate for static and dynamic bending effects.

CALYPSO provides revolutionary CAD-based metrology software with Visual Metrology. Create a measuring plan without programming a single line of code. No time-consuming, structural programming. No difficult code or text editing. Concentrate on what's really important to you - the actual measuring task.

This CMM is ideal for high tolerance needs such as Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Military, Audio / Visual, and more.

we serve:

-Die Casting
-Digital Media
-Mould Makers
-Pattern Makers
-Tool and Die
-Precision Machining
-Gauge and Fixture

"QIT is more than just a service provider to our manufacturing facility... they really are an extension of our own quality department"

F. Pula
QC Manager

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